"94% of Business Owners and Executives are Dissatisfied with the Results they get from their Current Recruitment and Selection Process"

The most important decision any business owner or manager ever makes is deciding who is going to work for them.

I’ve been teaching companies how to hire for more than 35 years. In every organization I have ever spoken to, the first question asked is, “Who’s had any formal training on how to hire people?” The percentage of answers has stayed reasonably consistent for more than 35 years. About 10% of the room raises their hand and acknowledge they have taken a course or seminar, or they’ve read a book on how to hire new employees.

When you stop and think about all the assets in your business, it is generally agreed the most important asset is your people.

If the most important asset is your people, and yet less than 10% of people have ever been trained on how to make a hiring decision, it is easy to see why consistently hiring successful employees remains a problem.

Almost all of the typical problems disappear when a business has the right person in the right job at the right time doing the right things. Coming to work in the morning becomes a joy.

Why You Must Read this Book...

Recruiting and hiring expert Barry Shamis wrote this book because he knows the information in this book can truly help every Executive, Manager and Business Owner who is unhappy with the employees they are hiring.  In this book you will discover:

  • How to apply a Selection System Proven in the new economy.
  • How to Save Money on Recruiting and still get the Best Talent.
  • How to weed out the Wannabees before wasting time on them.
  • How to ask Interview Questions guaranteed to get data that Predicts Success.
  • How to Control Interviews so you don't get sidetracked or Snowed.
  • How to get Reference and Background data without all the hassles.
  • How to put the pieces together to Hire The Best.
  • And much more!!

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